Bread has had a special place in Iranian food table from the old times. The past famines, lack of resources, war and … has made bread especially important among Iranians. This holds true for other items, but it can be said that bread is the most pronounced. Bread is a symbol of blessing and Rezq (daily food from God) which God has provided for Iranians, and ignoring it is regarded by people as the cause of famine and lack of blessing. From the distant past, as far as our ancestors recall, wherever a piece of bread fell on the ground, the passerby respected it by kissing and laying it on his forehead (an act of religious source) and placed it where it cannot be kicked. In this collection, considering the tradition and culture of Iranians to respect bread, as well as the transition of the country to the world of today, alongside the modern media, I have worked on a new phenomenon which demonstrates the current state of Iran; a society which is neither involved in its values anymore, nor even so much globalized, it seems that it has gotten lost between these two worlds.

I have begun to paint since childhood, and this tendency grew in me gradually till the direction of my life leaned toward it. I followed my studies in graphic at the school of arts and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in textile design, and I continued my master studies in painting. At the same time, alongside with my activities in the university, I began to create video art, do photography and installation art, and I seriously started to design especially in still life art. My tendency towards video art and installation art has increased in recent years, and along with my searches, I have been seeking to create artwork through designing; the current collection is one of the works described. Most of my works concern Iran and the Iranian culture, and I usually get to the essence of my work through the contradictions.