Marjan Khorram Golkaran

Date of Birth: 22th of January 1990 Iran. Tehran



 2017 Master’s degree in the field of painting, Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran

2013 Bachelor’s degree in the field of fashion and textile design, University of Art, Tehran, Iran

2006-2007 High School Studies Completion Certificate Technical & Vocational Branch in the field of Graphics, Tehran, Iran


Solo Exhibition

 2016 After Human, AL-Zahra Art Gallery, Tehran | Iran


Selected Group Exhibition

2018 Iranian Artists, perception & Vision of Mexico; The Embassy of Mexico to Iran, Tehran | Iran

2018 Katilim Belgesi; Another Side, La Visione Art Gallery, Istanbul | Turkey

2018 Iran Photo 24 Photographs Iranians; Cultural Association, Paris | France

2018 Drawing; Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran | Iran

2018 Drawing, 7samar Art Gallery, Tehran | Iran

2018 5th Annual Postcard Print Exchange, Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran | Iran

2018 Second Commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami; Printmaking Exhibition; At The Same Time in 5 Galleries of 6 Cities, Daargoun, Diba, Marlik, Sarve-Naz, Aknoon & school of Fine Arts; Art Galleries, Tehran, Kerman, Karaj, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd | Iran

2018 Landscape, Shalman Art Gallery, Tehran | Iran

2017 Versus Visual Arts Third Exhibition; The house of Iranian Artist Gallery, Tehran| Iran

2017 Book of Design Year, Iran Art Gallery, Tehran| Iran

2017 Forty, Theme Art Gallery, Tehran| Iran

2017 Still life, Farda Art Gallery, Tehran| Iran 2016 The Return, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran| Iran

2015 Chosen for the 3th Jokal festival; Mellat Cinema Complex, Tehran | Iran

2015 Gozar Az Majaz; Atashi Art Gallery, Kerman| Iran

2015 ESOT Visual Art Exhibition; Iranian artist’s artwork organ donation, ESOT congress, Barcelona, Spain, Tehran| Iran

2014 Print making, Narges Art Gallery, Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tehran | Iran



 2014 First Prize of Video (Stop Motion) Art; 6th Festival of Honare Javan, Tehran| Iran


Working experiences


  January 2018-2019 Professional Certificates Field of Goldsmith; Technical & Vocational Training Organization, Tehran | Iran 


 Freelance      Teaching Experiences; drawing & painting & Printmaking for 2 years, Marjan Khorram Studio, Tehran | Iran

 Freelance        Print on fabric (Batik, hand-dyeing), Hand weaving & tapestry, Handmade jewelry

 Volunteering             March 2015. March 2016 Work in The Department Store and Produce and Introduce Handmade Fabrics &Textile; Department Cultural Artistic; Masoudieh Palace, Tehran | Iran


Competition – Workshops

 March 2017 The Third Annual Urban Arts Festival in Tehran Baharestan; Organization of Beautician of Tehran Municipality, Tehran | Iran

March 2018 The Fourth Annual Urban Arts Festival in Tehran Baharestan; Organization of Beautician of Tehran Municipality, Tehran | Iran

January 2016 Completed A Courses Titled “Writing Art Critical Essay Workshop”; Mah- Mehr Art & Cultural Institute, Tehran |Iran

Jun 2018 Completed course titled “Printmaking Workshop”; Charsoo Culture, Art and Publication

Center, Tehran | Iran



 September 2017 Semiotic Criticism: The use of written scripts in the works of Hossein Zendehroodi and Alighiero Fabrizio Boetti (Research Theses)