About me

Since I started studying in Academy of Fine Arts, I have become deeply interested in the field of Textile design and Painting. I felt in love with drawing in such a way I did not expect. I always look for new experiences, challenges and adventures which are associated with creativity and problem solving.

Art is extremely exciting, but it never becomes easy for me. This job is based on nature and culture, on shared experiences; it’s interesting that I can come up with a visionary new way of speaking. I think the drawing method in textile is extremely embodied in my use of artwork today.

 Searching in nature has become an indispensable part of my life. I get my best idea in nature, like sitting in the mound, those were the things that I really wanted to do, they spoke to me. So, my imagination started in abstract, and become open  in my sketchbook. North of Iran’s nature is what I adore the most. I always try to combine beauty and functionality by using my personal experiences and taking inspiration from my environment.  Some of my experiences are just something opposite to what I had done before or what I have done now.